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General Information


Disk Comparison
Bad Sector Repair
Checksum Calculation


Firmware Update

Product specifications

Atola Bandura


  • Full color touch screen user interface (3.2-inch TFT display)
  • Native SATA-II support (2 ports: Source and Target)
  • Native SSD support
  • IDE support (via adapter)
  • Works with damaged disks
  • Logging onto external USB flash stick
  • Hardware write protection for Source disk
  • Upgradeable firmware for addition of new features


  • 1:1 disk duplication (both disks attached to the same unit)
  • Up to 210 MB/s achieved on conventional (magnetic) disks
  • Linear and reverse imaging
  • Multi-pass imaging
  • Automatic soft reset, hard reset
  • Adjustable automatic power cycles
  • Imaging session data and logs are stored on a removable generic USB flash stick
  • Ability to stop/resume duplication sessions
  • Ability to specify custom pattern for unreadable sectors
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Imaging of only occupied sectors
  • Read Long/Discard ECC option to extract data from bad sectors

Disk diagnosis

  • Head stack diagnosis
  • Media diagnosis
  • File system/partition checkup
  • PCB checkup
  • Firmware checkup
  • SMART checkup

Disk erasing

  • Up to 280 MB/s achieved on conventional (magnetic) disks
  • Zero and non-zero patterns
  • Custom patterns can be defined
  • LBA Number in each sector
  • Security erase
  • NIST 800-88 method
  • DoD 5220.22-M method
  • Option to wipe both drives simultaneously (Source and Target)

Disk Comparison

  • Up to 7 GB/min (115 MB/s) achieved on conventional (magnetic) disks

Bad Sector Repair

  • Repair so-called "Bad Sectors" (sectors with damaged ECC field or physically damaged sectors).
  • Up to 280 MB/s achieved on conventional (magnetic) disks

Checksum Calculation

  • Simultaneous checksum calculation for Source and Target media
  • Up to 210 MB/s achieved on conventional (magnetic) disks


Media scan

  • Scans entire media for defects
  • Up to 18 GB/min (300 MB/s)